User permissions

Permissions overview

When your account was first created, you will be assigned a role. There are 3 roles:

  • Owner: Owner account has full access to everything in the app

  • Admin: Admin has access to everything in the app except for billing

  • Editor: An editor can create a job post, invite hiring team members and add/edit candidates for that job

  • Member: a member is just a user in the system. You need to be granted additionally permission in order to do a specific task.If you are added into a hiring team of a job, you can have a full permission in that job.If you are not added into a hiring team member, but you are scheduled an interview with a candidate in that job, you have an interviewer role which:Enter feedbacks, view others' feedbacks once you have entered yours.View resume and basic candidate information for interviewing purpose.You can't edit or view restricted information such as: email/communication/documents/activities.If you are @mentioned in a comment of a candidate in a job, you will be granted a participant role:You can view other public comments in that candidate profile

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