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Feedback forms

Feedback form is a great way to structure your interviewing process. You can learn more about it here.

You can create a feedback form template based on a list of predefined qualities required for a job and attach them to each interview later on so that interviewers will ask those questions and assess candidates based on these qualities.


You can add a description for each feedback form. As a best practice this should be a guideline for this feedback form.


Scorecard is a list of attributes that interviewers will assess a candidate for each job position. e.g Leadership Skill, Role Related Knowledge and Culture Fit.

You can add a guideline to this scorecard


You can add a few questions to this template, mark them required or optional. Interviewers are allowed to add any question later during their interview.


You can create guidelines and attach them in various feedback forms so that interviewer can follow a consistent standard

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