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Post and publish a job

1. From job listing page, click on Add job button. Enter and select the following information:

  • Hiring team members: You can add a user as a hiring team member.

  • Job owner: A job owner has a full permission of a job

  • Hiring manager

  • Import email ID: Each job is assigned a unique email address. You can forward all CVs to this email address. They will be imported automatically into the system. As a job owner, you will receive a notification if there is a new application too. The system will try to parse some common information, such as: email, address, first name, last name, phone number. Which information could be parsed depending on the format of the resume. Some image formats are difficult to be parsed than text based ones.

  • Application form: You can attach an application form as customized in Admin setting so that you can collect required information for each position.

  • Hiring process: You can configure a job with a specific hiring process created in Admin setting.

2. Click on Save to save a draft

3. Click on Publish once you are ready. The published job will be shown in the career page and candidate can apply for this position there.

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