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There are a few built-in email templates for you to get started. You can edit or add a new one.

To add a new one, go to Email template setting, enter template name, cc, bcc, attachment, email subject, and email body.

You can personalize subject and email body by using placeholders which has a format: <placeholder> When you compose an email, the system will replace this placeholder with respective information of that placeholder if available.

Available placeholders:

<candidate_first_name>, <candidate_last_name>

<candidate_full_name>, <my_first_name>,

<my_last_name>, <my_full_name>, <job_title>,

<my_company>, <signature>


- If the placeholder is not available, it will be empty

- When you compose an email using a template, you can verify the replaced value of the placeholder and confirm the final information being sent out. But when email template is used in an automation task, the system will replace the information automatically.

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