Quick Schedule

The problem

Recruiters have to be the middleman between interviewers and candidates to confirm their availability in order to schedule an interview.

The solution

Quick Schedule makes this easier by allowing candidates to schedule an interview directly with interviewers

The how

  • Interviewers synchronizes their calendar with inWork so that the system knows their busy time.

  • Admin creates a Quick Schedule link for each type of interview and a pool of interviewers who already synchronizes their calendar with inWork. If an interviewer hasn't synchronized the calendar, it will return an error. Admin configures the interview duration and the preferred interview time for each interviewer

  • Admin sends the link the candidate

  • Candidate clicks on the link, enters their email address, sees a calendar with all available slots and makes a booking from there.

  • The interview will be automatically confirmed and send an email to candidate and interviewer. An event will also be created on the interviewer's calendar

Synchronize Calendar

To synchronize a calendar, go to Calendar Sync, click an Sync and confirm

  • Offered range is the number of days the candidate can see in interviewer's calendar.

  • Expired days: The link will be invalid after these days

  • Minimum schedule notice: within this minimum hours, candidate can't schedule an interview

  • You can add as many interviewers as needed, as long as the interviewer already synchronizes their calendar with inWork. Candidate will schedule a timing with any of them.

Send the Quick schedule link to candidates

From the email compose editor, insert the Quick Schedule link and send it to the candidate.

What will the candidate see?

Once the coordinator sends the candidate a Quick Schedule link, they will have to enter their exact email address to confirm, and will see the screen below to schedule an interview

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