Add a candidate

This article is for Admins, Job Creators, and members of a Hiring team.

Note: Members of a Hiring team can only add candidates to jobs that they have access to.

Candidate can be added by the following options:

  • Within the app by clicking on the Add candidate button

  • Within a job detail by clicking on the Add candidate button

  • Forwarding the CV to the unique import email ID of each job which was automatically generated when posting a job

  • Using Gmail Add-on to add a candidate resume in an email directly from your Gmail Inbox

  • Using a Chrome extension to create a candidate based on Github or LinkedIn profile


- A candidate can apply to multiple jobs. When you add a candidate, if the system detects there is already an existing record of that candidate with the same email address or similar name, it will show a warning. It will ask you if you would like to merge the duplicated profiles.

Add an existing candidate to a job

You can also add an existing candidate to another job by clicking on the Jobs tab in the candidate profile. Then select the job that you want to add to

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